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Creative writing (1-9/9) English


A day in the life of a cat


Peer Ariane

Peer Ariane

Montag, 10. Dezember 2018


I get up as soon as I hear birds chirping outside, that’s usually around 5am. I will have to catch up on sleep later but right now, I want to know what this new smell is. I’m strolling through the flat on the lookout for something unusual but I haven’t come across anything yet… Does the smell come from that box up there? Jumping on the counter I once more wonder about the clumsiness of humans, but at least I don’t have to go on the hunt for food.


A day in the life of a cat


Marie und Lara

Montag, 10. Dezember 2018


A Day in the life of a Cat


I was just about to bite into a giant piece of tuna, when I feel something scratching my head, rudely awaking me from my nap. Half-asleep I try to defend myself by pushing away the filthy little hand, but it only leads to me losing my balance and falling onto the cold kitchen floor. Luckily I manage to land on my paws and I immediately start to bound away, but I am not fast enough and the sweaty, gross hands grab my tail, pulling me back. Frightened I let out a painful shrieking “meow” and I end up being squeezed against my human’s chest. With a sad face I withstand an hour of petting. After that I walk to my bed to sleep for a while. When I wake up, the sun is already setting. Finally my eyes can relax. I love the darkness. I can hear people shouting from the television in the living room. What is my human doing? I walk past the door and see him laying on the sofa. It looks so comfy, but he never lets me sit next to him. I continue my walk to the kitchen, where I can already smell fresh salmon. I walk to my feeding bowl and to my sorrow I realize that it’s completely empty. Anger rises up inside me and I start to growl. With big steps I walk to the living room and jump right on my human’s lap. He lets out a little scream and I immediately start “meowing”. How could he? He would let me starve to death, just because he wants to see his telenovela. I`m upset. He stokes my back and stands up. I start heading to the kitchen and I run as fast as the slippery floor allows me to. Eventually he understood my demands and takes out some stinky canned food. Better than nothing. I start gobbling down my food, while he walks to his bedroom. YES! Finally! I go to the living room and jump on the sofa. I can finally start my real life.



In the life of a cat



Montag, 10. Dezember 2018

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Montag, 8. Juni 2020


My human seems to be sleeping quite peacefully. Yesterday she came home from work late and took off her uniform as soon as she was at home. She seemed to be really angry because her boyfriend called off their date. Their relationship is very complicated at the moment, but she knows that has to focus on her job. I lay down next to her; her hand starts moving. Is she trying to play with me? I`ll bite her to point out my love for her. Suddenly she starts screaming. She picks me up and carries me out of her room. Why does she do that? It doesn’t add up; I show her my love and she throws me out of her room.  She stumbles back into her room and I can hear that she nods off immediately.  I´d love to hang out with her but she seems to be too tired. I understand that she blocked me off and I feel guilty that I woke her up, but I just can´t help it, I needed to show her my affection. Abruptly I come up with an idea. I get into her room, climb on her bed and cuddle up to her. She wakes up again and starts petting me. We both fall asleep.



A story by Jani and Hanni❦🐱


One day in the life of a film star



Montag, 10. Dezember 2018


I took off with my career as I was a child and my idol was Katy Perry, so I looked up to her. As always, when I have a performance I woke up at 05.00am and did my morning routine. At first, I took a shower and had breakfast, and then I called my personal make-up artist to do my make-up and my hair. After that, I called my chauffeur Michael that is a good friend of mine, but he asked me if we could put off the phone call. Suddenly I realized that his voice was strange but I did not think anything of it. A few minutes later, the doorbell rang. I was confused because I did not expect that he was already here. I opened the door but there was not Michael in front of the door. The stranger said that he is my chauffeur for today because Michael’s car broke down at the side of a highway and so he could not pick her up. Nevertheless, I went with him. During the car ride, the situation was very odd because nobody was speaking. After a while, I saw that the stranger was driving in the false direction. I was very scared and did not know what to do. He brought me to a house and tied me up. I thought that this was the end of my life...




A day in the life of Ariana Grande


Nardone Francesca Nicole

Montag, 10. Dezember 2018




Thursday, 4th September 2018


I get up at dawn and eat my vegan pancakes

with a spinach smoothie. After breakfast, I

check my emails and call my manager up. At

10 o´clock I have an important meeting for a

campaign, so I have to put my outfit together

and get ready for the day. While I´m going to

the conference I run into a few fans and therefore I take some pictures with them. When I arrive

at the meeting, I go to the bathroom to make myself up. Before we get together to discuss about

the campaign, I turn off my cellphone, so that nobody can interrupt us. When the meeting is

over, I eat out with some friends at a new restaurant and call back the people who tried to reach

me during the meeting. In the afternoon I go to the gym to work out and finally I can turn off

my thoughts. I take a shower and then I drop by my grandmother for a few hours. Also my

brother comes up and asks to go out for dinner with the whole family.  Therefore I have to call

off a date with Peter, but he knows how much my family means to me. I call our favorite

restaurant to check out if there is a table for us, unfortunately there is not. We end up renting a

movie and eating in front of the tv. Back home I go for a short walk with my dogs and call on

Peter to know what he did tonight without me. I´m so tired right now, so I put on my pyjama

and go to bed. Before I fall asleep, I post a story on Instagram and check out my emails.


A day in the life of a cat


Marie und Lara

Montag, 10. Dezember 2018


A day in the life of a homeless person


Alessandrini Alexander

Montag, 10. Dezember 2018


I get up in the morning. I slept in an abandoned building and I have a headache, because I was drunk again last night. I look into my wallet. It’s empty. All money I earned begging I threw away on alcohol and drugs. I search for a water bottle to make up for the hangover I have from last night, but can’t find any. My life can’t go on like this I have to come up with a fresh start. I shave off my beard, pack my things and start walking to the employment agency. As I come around the corner, I see smoke coming out of a building. A large crowd gathered around it and I hear people screaming from the inside. On the second floor, I see a mother standing on the balcony with her baby in the hands. I react quickly and I enter the building and run up the stairs. There is a fire in my way. I put off my coat and use it to put out the fire. After I succeeded, I run through the door of the second floor and enter the room where the mother and her baby are. I cover their and my face with what was left from the coat and run out of the building. A cheering crowd waited outside and two firefighters take the woman and the baby off my arms. Coughing from the smoke, I sit down on the floor, while someone hands me a water bottle. People come around me and start congratulating me for my courage and my selflessness. I started the day as a homeless man but ended it as a hero!


A Day in the Life of a Cat


rossi cat

Montag, 10. Dezember 2018


My best buddy Miau woke me up at noon. The sun was kissing my soft and fluffy fur, giving me a nice and cozy vibe. Of course, the first thing on our mind was going to nana’s and get some delicious breakfast, kibble of course because I am on a diet and want to stay in shape. As I was enjoying my food, I smelt a gross and terrifying odour. Miau immediately came up with the idea of checking on our territory.  Just as we were guarding the territory, we came across our biggest enemy, the dog from the other neighborhood. The moment I saw him I was horrified, the clouds started covering the sun and cold wind started shaking the trees. My immediate reaction was to hiss at him. That was the worst thing I could have done. The dog spotted us right away and ran towards us. Because of the fear I could not even move. Thank god, Miau protected me by scratching our attacker’s nose. He yelped pathetically. Due to the pain, he was distracted and we could run for our lives. We ran around the block and managed to shake off our pursuer. I am glad Miau did not leave me behind otherwise I would have ended up as dog-food. In honor of his brave act and our friendship, I got us a glass of milk.



A day in the life of...


Lorenzini Nadia

Donnerstag, 6. Dezember 2018


Dear students,

please write a short story describing a day in the life of...

Use phrasal verbs as well as adjectives to describe setting and characters to enliven your plot. Add images, photos, drawings or soundfiles. Be creative :)

After having published your story, feel free to comment on at least 3 other stories written by your classmates. Keep up an interesting plotline with eachother.

Last but not least, have fun!

Kindly, your teacher

Ms Lorenzini

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