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One day in the life of a film star (4/9)



Montag, 10. Dezember 2018

Sprache: English


Creative writing

I took off with my career as I was a child and my idol was Katy Perry, so I looked up to her. As always, when I have a performance I woke up at 05.00am and did my morning routine. At first, I took a shower and had breakfast, and then I called my personal make-up artist to do my make-up and my hair. After that, I called my chauffeur Michael that is a good friend of mine, but he asked me if we could put off the phone call. Suddenly I realized that his voice was strange but I did not think anything of it. A few minutes later, the doorbell rang. I was confused because I did not expect that he was already here. I opened the door but there was not Michael in front of the door. The stranger said that he is my chauffeur for today because Michael’s car broke down at the side of a highway and so he could not pick her up. Nevertheless, I went with him. During the car ride, the situation was very odd because nobody was speaking. After a while, I saw that the stranger was driving in the false direction. I was very scared and did not know what to do. He brought me to a house and tied me up. I thought that this was the end of my life...




6 Kommentare

1 Comment from rossi cat

13.12.2018 13:39

Creepy!I got the chills

2 Comment from Peer Ariane

13.12.2018 15:11

I‘m really interested in how the story will continue.. - Martina

3 Kommentar von Roschatt Hannes

13.12.2018 18:25

WOW... enough for today :O
Thrilling storyline and well descriptioned!

4 Comment from Lara B.

13.12.2018 19:15

Very interesting storyline, I loved the open ending!!!!

5 Comment from Marie

13.12.2018 19:37

:O :O :O
Shocking storyline, but very thrilling! I wonder what happens next... Good job! :)

6 Comment from Jani

17.12.2018 00:22

thx for making me cancel the plan of becoming a star one day

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