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A day in the life of a cat (2/9)


Marie und Lara

Montag, 10. Dezember 2018

Sprache: English


Creative writing

A Day in the life of a Cat


I was just about to bite into a giant piece of tuna, when I feel something scratching my head, rudely awaking me from my nap. Half-asleep I try to defend myself by pushing away the filthy little hand, but it only leads to me losing my balance and falling onto the cold kitchen floor. Luckily I manage to land on my paws and I immediately start to bound away, but I am not fast enough and the sweaty, gross hands grab my tail, pulling me back. Frightened I let out a painful shrieking “meow” and I end up being squeezed against my human’s chest. With a sad face I withstand an hour of petting. After that I walk to my bed to sleep for a while. When I wake up, the sun is already setting. Finally my eyes can relax. I love the darkness. I can hear people shouting from the television in the living room. What is my human doing? I walk past the door and see him laying on the sofa. It looks so comfy, but he never lets me sit next to him. I continue my walk to the kitchen, where I can already smell fresh salmon. I walk to my feeding bowl and to my sorrow I realize that it’s completely empty. Anger rises up inside me and I start to growl. With big steps I walk to the living room and jump right on my human’s lap. He lets out a little scream and I immediately start “meowing”. How could he? He would let me starve to death, just because he wants to see his telenovela. I`m upset. He stokes my back and stands up. I start heading to the kitchen and I run as fast as the slippery floor allows me to. Eventually he understood my demands and takes out some stinky canned food. Better than nothing. I start gobbling down my food, while he walks to his bedroom. YES! Finally! I go to the living room and jump on the sofa. I can finally start my real life.



2 Kommentare

1 Comment from Melanie

13.12.2018 19:54

How difficult life can be for a cat...
Well written story, I love the way you write. Some passages of the story were really funny ;)

2 Comment from Peer Ariane

14.12.2018 07:09

What a struggle being a cat... I never imagined it to be this frustrating ;) I really liked your story, it reminds me a lot of my cat.

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