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A Day in the Life of a Cat (8/9)


rossi cat

Montag, 10. Dezember 2018

Sprache: English


Creative writing

My best buddy Miau woke me up at noon. The sun was kissing my soft and fluffy fur, giving me a nice and cozy vibe. Of course, the first thing on our mind was going to nana’s and get some delicious breakfast, kibble of course because I am on a diet and want to stay in shape. As I was enjoying my food, I smelt a gross and terrifying odour. Miau immediately came up with the idea of checking on our territory.  Just as we were guarding the territory, we came across our biggest enemy, the dog from the other neighborhood. The moment I saw him I was horrified, the clouds started covering the sun and cold wind started shaking the trees. My immediate reaction was to hiss at him. That was the worst thing I could have done. The dog spotted us right away and ran towards us. Because of the fear I could not even move. Thank god, Miau protected me by scratching our attacker’s nose. He yelped pathetically. Due to the pain, he was distracted and we could run for our lives. We ran around the block and managed to shake off our pursuer. I am glad Miau did not leave me behind otherwise I would have ended up as dog-food. In honor of his brave act and our friendship, I got us a glass of milk.



5 Kommentare

1 Comment from Alessandrini Alexander

10.12.2018 12:15

Amazing Story! I liked how you told the Story out of the perspective of a cat. Thanks Kanye, very cool!

2 Comment from Peer Ariane

13.12.2018 15:09

A really beautiful story about friendship between cats. Good job Cäddi! - Martina

3 Comment from Marie

13.12.2018 19:27

I think your story is great! It's thrilling and I love the friendship between the two cats! Good job :) - Marie

4 Comment from Melanie

13.12.2018 20:12

What an exciting story! Tension and friendshipgoals is all a good story needs :))

5 Comment from Peer Ariane

14.12.2018 07:04

I really liked your story, it's very captivating and you even described the atmosphere! Very creative :)

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