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A day in the life of a homeless person (7/9)


Alessandrini Alexander

Montag, 10. Dezember 2018

Sprache: English


Creative writing

I get up in the morning. I slept in an abandoned building and I have a headache, because I was drunk again last night. I look into my wallet. It’s empty. All money I earned begging I threw away on alcohol and drugs. I search for a water bottle to make up for the hangover I have from last night, but can’t find any. My life can’t go on like this I have to come up with a fresh start. I shave off my beard, pack my things and start walking to the employment agency. As I come around the corner, I see smoke coming out of a building. A large crowd gathered around it and I hear people screaming from the inside. On the second floor, I see a mother standing on the balcony with her baby in the hands. I react quickly and I enter the building and run up the stairs. There is a fire in my way. I put off my coat and use it to put out the fire. After I succeeded, I run through the door of the second floor and enter the room where the mother and her baby are. I cover their and my face with what was left from the coat and run out of the building. A cheering crowd waited outside and two firefighters take the woman and the baby off my arms. Coughing from the smoke, I sit down on the floor, while someone hands me a water bottle. People come around me and start congratulating me for my courage and my selflessness. I started the day as a homeless man but ended it as a hero!


4 Kommentare

1 Comment from Alessandrini Alexander

10.12.2018 12:11

Very cool!

2 Comment from rossi cat

10.12.2018 12:14

Good Job! very realistic !

3 Comment from Peer Ariane

13.12.2018 15:15

Really touching! I liked how he realized that he couldn‘t have continued his life the way he was living it and how he decided to do sonething about it. -Martina

4 Comment from Lara B.

13.12.2018 19:27

It's an amazing story and the end is so heartwarming, I think the beginning is very sad and inspiring at the same time. Good Job

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